Scientific Society for Astrobiology

The SSA unites Astrobiologists in the USA and beyond.

Enceladus Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Announcing the new Scientific Society for Astrobiology (SSA)

The SSA is a professional society for the field of Astrobiology (the study of the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the Universe). SSA seeks to provide a forum for connection, collaboration, and proliferation of astrobiology research. SSA will build a community that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion. SSA will be a voice for the astrobiology community that seeks to interface with the public and policy makers to enhance astrobiology’s value and impact within US national funding agencies and broader space exploration.

The SSA is formally incorporated as of May 2022. 

Questions? Email:

SSA Board of Directors

SSA Co-Founders / Co-Chairs: 

Laurie Barge (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) 

Britney Schmidt (Cornell University)

SSA Board Members:

Ellen Czaplinski (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory); SSA Recording Secretary

Michael Gaylor (Bayer U.S. Small Molecules Technologies R&D)

Tiffany Kataria (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Suniti Karunatillake (Louisiana State University); SSA Membership Officer

Justin Lawrence (Georgia Tech / Honeybee Robotics); SSA Treasurer

Jeff Marlow (Boston University)

Carl Pilcher (Blue Marble Space Institute of Science)

Edgard Rivera-Valentín (Staff Scientist)

Laura Rodriguez (Lunar and Planetary Institute); SSA Corresponding Secretary

Daniella Scalice (NASA Ames Research Center)